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Using The Good Scents Nature Gave Us.

Odor Control Solutions For The Love of Pets!

Good Home Scents makes right with the Environment. Using words like, “kill” or ‘destroy”, to control odors, can be a little too invasive for our environment and would probably require some chemicals.

That’s why we developed an all-natural solution to help protect our ozone. Odor control solutions, is made of a combination of minerals formed into tiny little crystals. How do they work? well, we don’t like to brag, but these clever little crystals are like magnets and really do absorb all odors! They can eliminate strong odors (its gross and disgusting, but true, just saying the words can make you quiver and shake) such as urine, feces, mold, and mildew, dust and smoke. Now, is the time to make right with the ozone. Works like magic!

“The one minute test you can try at our store ” 
Smear the palm of your hand with ammonia and smell its strength. Now rub a small amount of Odor Control Solution over wet area of hand and then shake product off and smell. 








VACUUM CLEANER - Add to clean vacuum bag or sprinkle directly onto carpet and vacuum up to eliminate odor contaminates as they collect in your vacuum.

CARPETS - Sprinkle directly onto carpet or affected area and leave for 24 hrs. then simply vacuum. Repeat if necessary. Will not harm carpet if left.

UPHOLSTERY, FABRICS, MATTRESSES - caused by pets, vomit, urine, mildew, smoke, perspiration and more. For sofas and mattress, apply liberally affected area and leave for 1 hour. For pillows and fabrics, put with product in plastic bag and shake. Leave for 1 hour or longer.

PET AREAS - Naturally creates a healthier environment for your pets. Use in bedding, cages, crates, kennels, dog runs, bird and rabbit cages, fish aquariums, or where odors persist. If animal is allergic to mild scents, use non-scented. Can be applied directly to animal to remove odors.

CAT LITTER BOXES - Use in every change. 

SMELLY SHOES & SNEAKERS - Sprinkle directly or use Odor Control Solutions Sachets to keep shoes fresh and clean.

CIGARETTES - Use in ash trays to put out cigarette ash. No more smell from ash tray.

DEAD RODENT / ANIMAL - Cover animal with product and leave on.

YARD AND LAWN - Sprinkle directly onto feces of animal. Will not harm grass.

MOLD AND MILDEW - Great for closets, basements, attics, under sinks. or likely places of mildew and mold.

STORAGE CONTAINERS - Leave directly in containers and storage areas for seasonal clothes.

CONCRETE AND HARD SURFACE FLOORS - Sprinkle and leave. Powerful enough to actually draw liquid from concrete and will absorb many times its weight in odors.

REFRIGERATORS - Eliminates odors and helps to keep fruits and veggies fresher and last longer.

DIAPER PAILS, CLOTHES HAMPERS, WASTE BASKETS - or any place needed for the treatment of bacterial odors.


WASTE BASKETS - or any place needed for the treatment of bacterial odors.

Easy To Use:

Sprinkle directly onto affected area, or when the odor source is general - such as mildew or smoke - sprinkle about one pound evenly over entire room (approximately 100 sq ft.) Allow at least one hour to absorb odors. Vacuum carpet and discover no more bad smells. Product may also be left safely on carpet.

And Reuse:

Clean & Green Odor Control Solutions is very unique and will last indefinitely. Eventually you may smell the odors the crystals have absorbed. To recharge crystals: place in direct sunlight, or in temperatures over 115* F. The bad odors will begin releasing & crystals can be reused again and again.

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